Riley Paint Company

Manufacturer of Quality Industrial Paints and Powder Coating

PO Box 965 | 106 Washington St. | Burlington, IA
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Riley Paint Company

At Riley Paint Company, customer need drives our entire organization.

We understand that making it right for you also serves us best. By producing coatings that meet your specifications and by delivering them when you want them, Riley Paint Company creates a product that sells and a relationship that succeeds.

We know our most important asset is our people.

We are the personalities to the customers, formulate the coatings, fill the containers, and pack and ship the product.

We want to learn how you think and what you need; to communicate better in order to create both the products and the partnership that satisfies and endures.

Company History...

1922 - Dan Riley organized Riley Penn. Oil Co.. "RILEY BROS. THAT'S OIL" soon became a familiar slogan

1950's - RILEY BROS. began manufacturing paint for farm and home use.

1960's - RILEY BROS. began producing Industrial Coatings. In the 1960's Riley Brothers sold oil, grease, lubricants, and paints.

1971 - Sam Jennison and Ken Bartels purchased RILEY BROS. and renamed it Riley Inc.

March 28, 1976 - Lightening struck the Oil Plant and it went up in flames, never to be rebuilt. Riley Paint Company was born.

1982 - Riley Industrial Painting was added to service manufacturers' outsource painting needs.

Starting as a family business in the 20's, Riley Paint and Riley Industrial Painting continues into the 21st century as a family business now run by Sam Jennison's sons...Jeff, Jim and John.