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Paint Options


Short Oil Primers - Economical, fast dry, non-lifting primers.

Long Oil Primers - Great primer, which provides long term flexibility.

Phenolic Primers - Excellent, fast dry primers with superior humidity resistance and salt spray performance.

Epoxy Primers - Provide superior chemical resistance and durability.

Hi-Solids Primers - VOC's of 3.5 or less.

Water Reducible Primers - Compliant primers.

Polyurethane Primer - Tough and durable primer.


Snap Dry Topcoats - Economical and  durable topcoats that air dry in 15 - 30 minutes.

Fast Dry Production Enamels - Good Gloss and Color Retention.

Machinery Enamels - High quality, slow dry coatings which are excellent as maintenance or productions coatings.

Acrylic Enamels - One or two component topcoat that has excellent gloss and color retention.

Polyurethanes - Tough and Durable to provide the ultimate decorative finish.

Water Reducible Topcoats - Compliant topcoats.

Hi-Solids Topcoats - VOC's of 3.5 or less.

Emulsions - Very low VOC, water basd coatings that dry in 20 - 30 miutes.


Other Products 

Solvents - A complete line of solvents at competitive prices.

Metal Prep Chemicals - A specifically designed line of cleaning and phosphating chemicals for use with Liquid or Powder Coating.

Powder Coatings - A environmentally friendly, zero VOC coating which is hard and durable. Available in epoxy, hybrid, polyester, urethane and super-durable formulas.

Aerosols - We can custom package your paint in aerosol cans.

Heat Resistant Paints - Several formulas ranging in temperature resistance from 500F to 1200F.

HAPS Reduced - Conventional coatings formulated to reduce emissions of Hazardous Air Pollutants.

Epoxy Floor Coatings - Self Leveling 100% solids coating. Excellent strength, chemical and corrosion resistance. 

Asphalt Coatings - Ready to use for industrial applications, driveway sealer, sewer joint compound and roof     coating.

Elastomeric Coating - Rubberized water based roof coating.

Insulative Coating - Water based acrylic latex filled with micronized glass bubbles and ceramic spheres. Minimizes heat transfer.

Styro-Air Filters - Styrofoam paint booth filters that dissolve in solvent.

Swimming Pool Paint - A rubber based coating available in a variety of colors.

General Application Coatings - Quality paints for use by homeowners or as maintenance coatings including     exterior and interior latex, dry fall, metal roof paint, traffic paint, athletic field marking paint, porch and floor enamels.


Custom Formulation

On-Site Assistance with your Painting Process.

Free Delivery in segments of IA, IL and MO.

Help with your EPA paperwork.


Safety Data Sheets

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